Pouco gente querendo samba,

Tanto samba bonito pra dar

Pouco gente podendo sorrir

muito riso querendo sabe

quanta gente incapaz de amar

tanto amor a querer se encontrar


Muita gente querendo brigar

Pouca briga devendo se dar

Se a vida difícil viveu

A esperança nao deve morreu

Se saudade demais a cantar

Se ha muita tristeza é chorar


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A few people wanting to samba

So much beautiful samba to give

A few people trying to smile

So much to laugh about, wanting to know

How many people incapable of love

Wishing to meet someone to love

Lalari-olala (This is a West African phrase, I don’t know its translation)

Many people wishing to make others bend down

A few people fighting, when they should be giving

If life is difficult to live

You hope you don't have to die

If your longing is too much to sing about

Then you've got too much sadness to cry about