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From Brazilian music to foreign film reviews, this site is filled with diverse topics and ideas. I have translated the works of my favorite Brazilian artists, posted my amateur attempt at comedic fiction, and written a few expository articles on math and physics topics. More importantly, this is an evolving website. I am working on upgrading from the current tabular format, to something more attractive, hopefully this year (2009).


The Mimic Here's a film idea I'd like to pitch to a Hollywood producer. If I could ever get this one made it would break cinema records for gross revenue. L'Enfant L'Enfant (The Child) Film by Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne The Wrong Man A film by Alfred Hitchcock. The Lorentz Contraction and Reverse Time Travel Is reverse time travel possible? note: visitors without the Firefox browser will not be able to see the mathematical equations embedded. I suggest you download it rather than try to view it in IE7 You can download this link to view it on your machine(right-click, save as htm, then change it to a doc extension)

The Lorentz Contraction and Reverse Time Travel

Afro Blue A John Coltrane Classic John Coltrane's version of Afro-Blue. The 4th Spatial Dimension Is there a 4th spatial dimension? Yes there is. But what is it? That's what this article is all about. Stilling writing this one. Searle's argument against AI A Review of John Searle's Chinese Room Argument Elements of Film making Short review of how films are made

Typical Dreams Dreams are strange night stories we fashion for ourselves. Justice in America is a strange mixture of theater and ritualized procedure. Flawed Jurisprudence

The College Student and The Phony Professor

A comedic fiction Radio Programs and the Individual Radio Programs, Sets and the Individual The English words High and Low Another look at English word usage. Pseudo Scientists Scientists with a religious agenda No Dia Que Eu Vim Embora A beautiful and poignant work, sung by the late Brazilian singer Elis Regina.
In The Penal Colony is another of Kakfa's grotesque stories. A prison colony that enforces its will through a deadly mechanical instrument. In The Penal Colony Lies Cynicism and Suspicion What do the words: Lies, Cynicism and Suspicion really mean? Matrix Revolutions is supposedly the end of this series. I don't believe that! It has more action than a prize fight, the corniest dialogue you could ever imagine and some more amateur metaphysics screenwriting. Matrix Revolutions Why do we fear dying so much? As we approach our mortality there is a disturbing state of mind that steadily possesses us. It was termed by one of my favorite philosophers, Jean-Paul Sartre, Being-toward-death. Matters of Life and Death There is one phrase in English that has troubled me for some time now: the last thing. Crazy English usage Americans are bastardizing English faster than insects reproduce. This article presents a few of the most offensive Americanisms. American English
Is downloading music from the Net theft? Isn't almost everybody in the know doing it? Might this phenomenon become as prevalent as VCR recording of TV shows used to be? Music on the Net One of Russia's many great novelist is Leo Tolstoy. His Master and Man is a novelette that in 73 pages will keep you reading every syllable. Master and Man Franz Kafka was a brilliant Jewish writer that lived a very short life. Here is my take on two of his most famous works. I wonder why the The Castle has never been made into a movie? The Trial and The Castle compared Again Kafka befuddles and astounds us with this surreal story. Are we all before a law? Do we seek the Law? Before the Law Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and The Death of Ivan Ilych The Death of Ivan Ilych and Anna Karenina
Georg Cantor, a 19th century mathematician that first extended our knowledge of infinity to include supra-infinity or better put Transfinite Numbers Larger Than Infinity? Is the C, the speed of Light changing? Joao Magueijo a cosmologist and a self-centered, egotistic physicist seems to think so. Here is my review of Mr. Magueijo and his masterpiece of popular literature. Faster than the speed of light Review: Faster Than The Speed of Light A study of the philosophic school of Existentialism the Existential Concept In 1986 physicists, John Barrow and Frank Tipler, wrote The Anthropic Cosmological Principle . This book makes several eye-opening conjectures. I find some believable, though unconventional. They claim to prove no alien life exists in the Galaxy. I find this argument dubious. See what you think of their argument. Alien Life in the Galaxy


My mother died under tragic circumstances in 1997. I would like to remember and pay tribute to her here. First, an account the event and its aftermath. The needless suffering, my family and I experienced as a result of the negligent incompetence of a few doctors is immeasurable. I would like the entire Internet community to know this, and rightfully beware. Second, I pay homage to her in poetry (see the poem entitled 'Is It Like' below). Most of all, in future additions to this site, I hope to give expression to the meaning of her long life for me. It is painful to remember those last weeks and commit them to words, but it is as necessary to do, as is my own demise. Losing My Mother

Is It Like

A poem that though, not speaking directly to her death, it is somewhat of a tribute her.

In 1983, my father died at 84 years of age. Unlike my mother's demise, his was expected. Yet, it was no less painful for myself and family. I wrote a short account of his last moments a few days after he died. It is written just as I witnessed the events. I am not as bitter about Dad's death, though he too was the victim of a callous physician that cared very little for his health and welfare. But, Dad's death was natural and could not have been avoided. Now, so many years late, I have learned to accept and even fondly remember the event, as a evident of his stoic Somali nature. My Father's Death


The Vanishing is a Dutch-French film which might disturb you The Vanishing Film Review: The Vanishing
Tzameti 13 is a thriller directed by Gela Babluani 13 Tzameti Film Review: Tzameti 13
French director, Claude Chabrol's film L'Enfer is a tense study in madness L'Enfer Film Review: L'Enfer
The last Star Wars installment? It had great special effs, now didn't? Not much else, as we all expected Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Film Review: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
Spanish director, Carlos Saura is famous for creating inventive films that challenge conventional notions of film making, much as David Lynch has been. However, Saura's technique and focus could not be more unlike Lynch's. El Jardin De Las Delicias Film Review: El Jardin de las Delicias (The Garden of Delights)
For those interested in Saura's work, Cria is film is a good chance to see how he developed his filmmaking style Cria Review Film Review: Cria
Spielberg's latest film is Catch Me If You Can . I liked it can you believe that? One set of thumbs up for the Berg. Catch Me If You Can Film Review: Catch Me If You Can
David Lynch's new work, Mullholland Drive is in short: strange and incomprehensible by some estimates, but a typical Lynch film, to which I give a vote of yes. Mullholland Drive Review Film Review: Mullholland Drive
Tom Tykwer is a German director whose film Run Lola Run (German title is Lola Rennt) delivers a fresh, new directorial style. Lola Rennt Film Review: Lola Rennt
Well Tom Tykwer strikes again. The Princess and the Warrior is one good flick, moviegoers! The Princess and the Warrior Film Review: The Princess and the Warrior
An obscure film entitled The Lightship, deserves a wider audience. Robert Duvall and Klaus Maria Brandauer give superb performances in this one The Lightship Film Review: The Lightship
The Matrix 2 is an improvement. I still can't believe anybody can take this film seriously on philosophic grounds Matrix Reloaded Review Film Review: Matrix II
Minority Report is proof positive that the Berg is declining. Will he ever give up the action blockbuster and return to serious cinema? Minority Report Film Review: Minority Report
I gave this film a negative review back in 1999. Well, I didn't entirely torch it. It didn't have much cinematic or intellectual value, but it did have great special effs! Its biggest flaw was it took an area of human endeavor and trivialized it. I stand by that view today (2003). The Matrix: The AI Uneducation Film Review: Matrix I
AI Spielberg's attempt at screenwriting is a failure. So is this film The Movie AI Film Review: AI
Est/Ouest is a film by a not so famous French director Regis Wargnier. It's set in Stalinist Russia after WWII, and is a look at what happens to people in love in a repressive environment. Est Ouest Est/Ouest--East/West. A film review


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Milton Nascimento sings about youth and the city: Credo(Creed) Credo Seu Jorge is best known for his role in Cidade de Deus as Knock-out Ned. He strong, baritone voice defines Popular Brazilian Music. Eterna Busca Jorge Ben Jor's song about of all things-Alchemy. Os Alquimistas estao Chegando Translation of Os Alquimistas estao Chegando Jorge Vercilo is a young Brazilian singer with a velvet voice. Could he be the next Jorge Ben Jor? His Que Nem Mare is emblematic of his style and voice. Translation Que Nem Mare
To hear any of the songs I've translated here, click on the link to the right It's a great station for pure Brazilian music with no English songs or groups and that's a blessing considering how many Net stations from Brazil, cater specifically to English-speaking listeners MPB FM 93.3 Brazilian radio station Procissao by Gil Gilberto is a song with a message undoubtedly. Gil tells us about the dupe that the Roman Catholic Christianity give it's believers Procissao another love song by Ben Jor Princesa e o Plebeu (The Princess and the Peasant) Jorge Ben sings the song of every young man longing for a girl. Carnaval de Amor (Carnival of Love) Pedro Mariano's latest hit is Livre pra viver Livre pra viver (Free to live)


Chico Buarque's cool and sophisticated choral work about a time of repression in Brazil Live Turning Wheel Jorge Ben Jor sings about St. George and his invincible nature. Real Catholic stuff here. Jorge de Capadocia Jorge Ben sings about St. Thomas Aquinas Assim Falou Santo Tomas de Aquino TranslationAssim Falou Santo Tomas de Aquino Another song by Chico Buarque TranslationPedro Pedreiro A broken woman's lament sung by Simone Cofre de Seda (Silk Cashbox)
This is an early Ben Jor song, and one of his best Rosa Menina Rosa WMA SOUND FILE Rosa Menina Rosa Lyrics to Rosa Menina Rosa Eliana Printes sings a ballad of unrequited love. E'Onde seu lugar? (Where is his place?) Metamorfose Ambulante (Walking metamorphosis) Metamorfose Ambulante (Walking metamorphosis)
A samba dance from the 60s by Jorge O O O O Nena, Nena Translation of Cebola Cortada The lyrics and their poetical content are without comparison.Cebola Cortada From the soundtrack of City of God Na rua na chuva na fazenda (In the Street, in the Rain, on the Farm)

A Brazilian love story

Jesualda Lyrics to Jesualda Construcao Chico Buarque Construcao A work by Chico Buarque


I feel really egotistical doing this, but rationalized it by thinking, well everybody else does it on their websites

Summer 1999

Summer 1999

Summer 1999

Summer 1999

Summer 1999


Visit the Heteronym Homepage link below for a discussion of a strange class of words that are pronounced differently, spelled the same and have different meanings, i.e. heteronyms.

Have you ever wondered what is anaphora or zeugma? No? Those are just two of several rhetorical constructions. Anaphora, by the way, is the repetition of one word or phrase at the beginning of each verse of a literary construction. For example: Courage now, courage in the past, courage forever is what we need. Zeugma is commonly known as a play on words because it uses one word to put different meanings of the words together. Check out a link below for more.


I would be remiss if I didn't say something about my Somali hertiage. Somalis and their relationship to Northeast Africa.

Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, all five of the Somali territories and the native peoples of the continent of Australia constitute in my mind, the Abyssinian people. What does the future hold for us? I have a link listed below to an expansive site for all those interested in Abyssinian people.

As a Somali, I would be remiss to not discuss the troubling political, social and economic malaise my people are faced with today. That's just what I hope to do. Also, I want to express my own opinion on our predicament and growing diaspora.

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Computer Irony

Client-server computer networks are big business with highly paid employees. Is it possible to enter this field unconventionally?.

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